5 Holiday Hiring Pointers to Up Your Retail Game

Did you know that holidays are the most profitable time of the year in retail? While some new businesses might struggle, others seem to flourish. If you want to prepare for the rush, then you’ll probably need a couple of extra hands to keep things running smoothly during the silly season.

In this post, we take a closer look at how you can hire right, with the option of hiring permanently during the holidays. Let’s get started!

Do some Screenings

After you’ve received some resumes, it’s highly recommended to run some employment screening tests. This is to ensure that you hire the right candidates with the best set of skills that will complement your permanent staff. They should ultimately add value to your existing team.

hiring pointers interviewing - 5 Holiday Hiring Pointers to Up Your Retail Game

Select Top Talent

Once you have done the screening tests and some interviews, it’s time to do some serious hiring. Remember that it is important to hire candidates that align with your retail business but also has the desired skillset to make the most of season sales.

Be Open for Permanent Employment

Even though you may have a permanent team working with you already, don’t shut yourself down from offering a permanent position to a seasonal worker. Watch them closely and if they’ve truly added value to the business, you can hire them permanently.

Don’t Treat Seasonal Staff Differently

While you may have hired some extra help for the holidays, it’s necessary to treat all your employees the same way. You cannot treat seasonal staff or permanent staff differently. Treat all members of staff the same and you will save yourself some in-house politics.

Offer Training and Skills Development

As an employer, it is your duty to ensure that all members of staff have the skills required to do their jobs well. If you offer permanent workers training or skills development programs, your seasonal workers should be able to join in. Remember, you might be investing in a future permanent employee.

Always keep in mind that you may end up hiring seasonal workers permanently. If their work ethic and skills add value to the business and the sales team, it’s worth keeping them around.

And of course, you always have to plan ahead of time if you are planning to hire extra staff for the holiday season.

With these pointers, you are set to start hiring some fantastic talent to complement your existing team. Good luck!