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  • The Basics of Retail Business Training

    The Basics of Retail Business Training

    In this article, we will cover the basics of retail business training, from what it is and how it can help your store. We will discuss the importance of creating a plan and process to obtaining retail business training. We will also discuss safety and product knowledge training. These are just some of the most […]

  • Running and Managing a Retail Business Through Delegation

    Running and Managing a Retail Business Through Delegation

    Delegation can help you get more done as a business owner, and it also promotes teamwork. Some things should be delegated, such as cleaning and training. Delegating can also help employees learn new skills and boost their self-esteem. The following are some tips to delegate duties to your employees. Hopefully, they’ll prove helpful in running […]

  • Retail Success Stories

    Retail Success Stories

    During the last year, Walmart has increased its sales by nearly 8%, hitting $42.9 billion in the latest fiscal year. This growth has been achieved primarily by investing in services and omnichannel capabilities, while holding prices low and increasing employee productivity. The company has also cut costs by more than $2 billion in the last […]

  • 3 Ways Mobile Learning Can Benefit Your Retail Training Program

    3 Ways Mobile Learning Can Benefit Your Retail Training Program

    The skills needed to work in the retail industry are varied. While thorough knowledge of products and markets is an essential element, good customer service and soft skills are also crucial. Retail workers need various skills to succeed in this role, and the best way to teach them is through retail training. To train the […]

  • Basic Retail Business Skills

    Basic Retail Business Skills

    Besides sales experience, the most important basic retail business skills include Numeracy, Time Management, Organizational Skills, and Product knowledge. However, these skills can be acquired through various education and training programs. To succeed in a retail career, these skills should be developed. Read on to discover some of the most important retail business skills for […]

  • Getting Started in Retail

    Getting Started in Retail

    If you’re thinking about starting a small business, you may wonder how to get started in retail. Thanks to technological advances, barriers to entry have been lowered for start-ups and small businesses. Today, it’s easier than ever to reach your first customers and make your first few sales. You can buy the tools you need […]