If you want to motivate your employees, customer service training is a good option. Employees who have achieved a certain level of training will be able to set a good example for other employees. For this reason, you should recognize their efforts. Reward them with extra holidays, special discounts, and office perks. You can also share success stories from your training to make your target audience understand the importance of the customer service training. This way, they will understand that their efforts will not go waste.


When it comes to customer service training, Lessonly excels. Its intuitive interface is easy to navigate and works great for corporate training. The product integrates with Zendesk, which allows customer support teams to create training scenarios based on real support ticket data. Lessonly allows agents to practice real-world scenarios and get feedback. Lessonly also features a community forum and regularly rolls out new features and functionality. The company’s customer support team is also available for support and training.

With its user-friendly and intuitive design, Lessonly has become one of the most popular learning management systems for customer service teams. With the help of Lessonly, teams can learn new skills and reinforce best practices, resulting in faster onboarding, higher NPS scores, more closed deals, and a superior customer experience. Lessonly also integrates with numerous enterprise systems, including HR data and resume information. It is easy to use, and its mobile compatibility makes it easy to use and integrate with other software.

Besides creating customized lessons with Lessonly, you can also use the Lessonly employee training tool. This program is easy to customize and lets you create training programs for your employees in just minutes. The platform also has a customer support training template that you can use for employee training. Lessonly’s customer service training software allows you to quickly identify which team members are retaining the material and which ones are not. You can then adapt the lesson and make it fit your company’s needs.

The Lessonly software allows you to create interactive training content and track the progress of each individual agent. Using Lessonly, your frontline team can create training plans and onboard new employees easily and quickly. It helps you create a great customer experience while also improving employee satisfaction. The Lessonly iSpring Suite enables you to create and customize training programs that match your business’ needs. This software is easy to use, and will help your team provide the best customer service possible.

Because of Lessonly’s innovative design, it is perfect for businesses of all sizes, regardless of their size or the number of agents. The Lessonly training platform integrates with a range of software applications that will turbocharge your training efforts. This makes it a powerful tool for all teams to use. It also makes employee training faster and more effective. If you are looking for customer service training that will boost productivity, Lessonly is a great choice.


The online platform edX has developed courses in customer service management, which includes videos of real-world service interactions. Those who take the program can learn how to analyze customer complaints and create effective customer service strategies. The program can take two to three hours to complete and gives participants a certificate of completion. The edX course will help fill in any gaps in your training and career goals. The online platform is a great way to start building your customer service skills.

edX is comprised of 300+ programs and 3,000+ online courses. These programs are developed in partnership with leading universities and colleges worldwide. The edX platform offers courses from accredited institutions and includes verification. The courses are typically made up of weekly modules and videos, as well as interactive exercises and tutorial videos. Some edX courses also have downloadable transcripts and video content for offline viewing. They are complemented by verified certificates that prove that the students completed the course.

edX courses are completely free. The courses are put together by partnering institutions and comprise of pre-recorded videos, readings, and online quizzes. The courses typically last one to three months. The courses vary in length and are available in various languages. They also differ in the topics they cover. Some of the courses are very specific to a specific industry, while others are more general. The goal is to provide training in customer service that is applicable to the needs of any company.

edX also has courses in the field of IT support. These courses are designed to help people become more skilled in handling IT problems and providing solutions. Whether you are looking to become an IT professional or a tech guru, edX offers several courses on the subject. It is also important to understand the different technologies used in customer service and be able to identify and resolve potential problems in a timely manner.

The edX customer service courses are very thorough and practical. The course on Inbound Methodology is updated frequently and includes the latest information on customer-centric innovation. Whether you are just starting your career in customer service, this course will help you grow your knowledge in customer-centric innovation. It also provides actionable insights that can help you reduce churn in your company. There are also courses on data analytics and customer loyalty.


AXELOS training courses include ITIL, PRINCE2, and digitally enabled services. AXELOS has developed a comprehensive range of best practice methodologies, frameworks, and knowledge for service management and project management. Certifications are recognized globally, and are an excellent choice for service professionals who need guidance on how to manage customer service. They are ideal for people who want to learn how to deliver exceptional customer service in an increasingly digital world.

PeopleCert is a global leader in IT certifications, delivering millions of exams to professionals in more than 200 countries. The company enables individuals to reach their full potential through learning. In July 2021, the company acquired Axelos, a joint venture between the HMG and the Cabinet Office. AXELOS’s methods are used by professionals in public, private, and voluntary sectors across the world.

The ITIL certification is recognized globally by AXELOS. The training course teaches IT professionals to implement the principles of information technology to improve service and customer experience. ITIL training helps managers and employees develop best practices to improve service processes. Learning about automation and conflict resolution are essential skills for customer service professionals, managers, and executives. AXELOS customer service training programs can be a great career move. If you’re currently working as a customer service representative or manager, this training course is a great way to improve your skills and earn your certification.


The Loom customer support training allows business professionals to speak with customers visually and expressively. This method allows businesses to tap into the human need for connection and improve the customer experience. The video-based training focuses on assisting customers with specific issues, including technical problems, while providing an optimal customer experience. This video-based training is perfect for new employees who are interested in expanding their customer service skills and ensuring a positive customer experience.

When designing a Loom customer service training course, take advantage of the many features available. First, you can record FAQs. Then, you can embed these videos on your website. You can also record a video demonstration of products and services. This video tutorial will save your team’s time and help them make an informed decision. For example, a video can show a customer how to change the font size in Chrome or how to adjust the size of the text.

A third feature of Loom is the ability to capture reactions from viewers. The live video feature lets viewers add time-stamped comments to videos. This allows you to respond to customer feedback in real time, which means your team will have a better understanding of what to say. Loom is a simple, user-friendly tool for creating customer support videos. It is so easy to use that a new employee can record a video with just a few keystrokes.

Video messaging is the next step in customer communication. The Loom platform allows you to record yourself and your screen simultaneously, making it a perfect medium for employee onboarding, customer support complaints, and demonstrations of online products. The video feature also makes Loom customer service training easy to implement, especially when working from home. The Loom software is compatible with many devices and platforms, making it an excellent option for online companies. When used properly, it can help businesses improve their customer experience.